Best Freelancing Platforms For Bangladesh

Best Freelancing Platforms
Online income or freelancing is growing a lot. Freelancers with different qualifications work on different foreign websites. But many foreign websites do not support Bangladesh. As a result, it is very difficult for freelancers to get their hands on the money they earn.
Through today's post we will know that it is easy to work on any freelancing website from Bangladesh and getting paid is fairly easy. Let's start without further ado…

1. Fiber: One of the most popular websites in the freelancing world is Fiber. Millions of freelancers work within Fiber. Many freelancers from Bangladesh also earn millions of rupees from fiber.
Fiber is basically about building a portfolio and building yourself a gig. If clients like your gig, they will hire you and pay you for that work. That payment will be deposited in Fiber's dashboard and from there you can withdraw directly through Payoneer to any bank in Bangladesh or through BKash. You will find numerous videos on YouTube about this website, from there you will get complete idea.

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2. Upwork: Upwork is another popular website in the freelancing world. This website is usually staffed by advanced level freelancers. If you know good work then you can work on this website.
Upwork works on almost the same system as fiber. Just as you have to make gigs in fiber, you have to make bits. You can bring the money here to any bank in Bangladesh.

3. People Per Hour: Another popular website in the freelancing world is People Per Hour. If you are a beginner level freelancer then this website is for you. But many advanced level freelancers also work here.
Freelancers get the most jobs on the People Per Hour website compared to Upwork and Fiber. So you can try it. You can bring the payment here to any bank in Bangladesh.

4. Kajkhunji: Kajkhunji is a Bangladeshi freelancing website. On this website you can get jobs by creating gigs according to your work. By working on this website you will get a little less payment than the above three websites. However, the payment system here is specially designed for Bangladeshis.
This website supports almost all payment systems in Bangladesh. So you can try working on this website.

5.  Another financing website for Bangladeshis is On this website mainly clients hire freelancers for various tasks. A big advantage is that the client can hire one person for multiple jobs if he wants.

If you are a beginner level freelancer then this website is perfect for you. You can directly bring the money from this website to the bank.
Friends through today's post I have only informed about some easy and reliable freelancing websites from Bangladesh. Many freelancers of our country work in these websites. You can work here if you want.

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Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. Allah is Hafez.

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