Top 20 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Blogging Tips

Are you a new blogger? Then today's article is for you. 

Did you know, around 5 million blog posts are published every day, so ranking your blog for keywords is not an easy task. 

First of all, you should think of your blog as a brand and not a blog and give 100% of your effort.

Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all? Hope everyone is well. In today's article I will share top 20 blogging tips for new bloggers. Without further ado, let's start today's article. 

Top 20 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

It is normal to make some mistakes as a new blogger, but if you do not correct these mistakes day by day, you will not be able to go far in blogging. If you keep blogging with a few things in mind, you will see success very easily. 

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#01 Basics of Blogging

If you want to become a successful blogger, then first of all you need to know the basics of blogging. Can't run behind traffic at the start. 

In the first six months of blogging, you can learn search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content writing, and affiliate marketing. These things will help you take your blogging career a long way. 

#02 Posting with honesty

Always try to give the best and correct information to your audience. Which will later help bring that audience back to your blog. 

I have seen many bloggers publish articles using catchy titles. But the article title doesn't match the post inside. For example, the title says "Loof 500 taka from Bikash app by working for 5 minutes" but if you go inside it will be seen that they may have written about a fitter of Bikash app, which has nothing to do with earning, or written a cow article. 

Never do such a thing, it will lose trust among the traffic and later they will never visit your website again and will not refer anyone else. 

#03 Maintaining regularity of content

Always publish content on a regular basis. 

Never post 2/3 at a time and take a break of 3/4 days. If necessary, give one content every day. Even if you can't do it every day, give one content every 2 days or 3 days. That is, maintain consistency. 

If you maintain the consistency of the content, the post will easily get indexed in Google and your blog will start ranking in Google. 

#04 Website development on targeted topics

New bloggers make this mistake the most. They start blogging without selecting any topic. Then the known blogger starts writing on the topic written by friend or elder brother. Never do this. 

Always try to proceed with a single topic. If your website is blogging related then go ahead with blogging, never write about mobile reviews. Single topic will increase your page views and help reduce bounce rate. 

#05 Refrain from copyrighted content

Always try to write your own content. Never copy content written by others. 

Google never promotes duplicate content or copyrighted content. But if you want, you can take ideas from other's articles and arrange them in your own way. This will make your blog post unique and easily rank on Google. As a result, you will also get organic traffic from Google. 

#06 Avoid grammatical mistakes

Those of you who have taken various academic exams may have noticed that "Sadhu-Chalit mixture is polluting" written above each question in bold .

That is, Sadhu and Chalit language can never be written in the same answer. Likewise, in the case of blogging, the language used by saints cannot be mixed. Write meaningful and correct sentences paying attention to punctuation and spelling. If you start blogging targeting Bangladeshi audience then you must blog in Bengali. Apart from this, it should be written in pure language and not in the regional language of a particular region. 

Those who blog in English language can use Grammarly to fix spelling and grammar errors and spelling very easily. There is no such tool for Bengali language so be careful while writing content in Bengali. 

#07 Keep the website design simple

Albert Einstein has a saying in English, "Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex" . 

Simple is always better than complex. So always try to keep your website design simple and clean. If you look at the design of our website, you can see that our design is very simple and clean looking. 

Don't use fonts on your website that your audience has trouble reading. For Bengali blogs, you can use Solayamalipi, Hind Siliguri, Balu Da 2, and Note Serif Bengali fonts. If the blog is in English, you can use any font of Arial, Jost or Serif Sans family. 

Also pay attention to the speed of the website. Ensure fast loading on all devices including desktop, mobile, tablet. 

#08 Mobile friendly design

Website design plays a special role in SEO. You may have seen an issue in search console many times called "Page is not mobile friendly" . The main reason for this is that the website design is not mobile friendly. 

Google always places mobile optimized pages at the top of the rankings. So you must use mobile friendly design on your website. 

#09 Internal and External Linking

Internal linking is the best way if you want to reduce the bounce rate of your website. Also, internal linking increases page visibility and creates a better bond between the website and the audience. 

Internal and external linking play a huge role in on-page SEO. So definitely do the necessary internal and external linking in your blog post. 

#10 Building your own blogging community

You need to build your own blogging community by constantly sharing informative and unique content. 

You can create a community through newsletter subscriptions, Telegram channels or Google News. This will strengthen your relationship with the audience and the website traffic will increase manifold. 

#11 Always replaying comments

A good bonding with the audience can be easily created by replaying the comments. Also, by replaying the comments, you can know the needs of the audience and the opinion of the audience about your blog. 

So always replay the comments of the audience. Never ignore any comment, be it positive or negative. 

#12 Leveraging Social Media

As a new blogger you may not get much traffic from google search at first. So you need to target social media platforms first for your website traffic. Social media traffic also helps improve website rankings. 

You should first target 2/3 social media platforms and build audience by publishing valuable content. But my advice would be to target YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram first. However, if you want, you can also share your blog post link on LinkedIn. 

#13 Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to bring subscriber base users to website again and again. 

With weekly newsletters, valuable content, ebooks, and various promotional offers, you can entice your subscribers to join and visit.

There are several tools for email marketing. But my advice would be to use the free package of MailChimp first without using any kind of paid tool. From Mailchimp, you can easily send email to subscribers and various professional offers. 

#14 Asking for feedback from the audience

Always ask for feedback from your audience in the comments of posts. For example, you can write "Don't forget to comment how you liked our article today, and also comment if you have trouble understanding anything."

You can also post on various social media and take feedback. But it is best to take feedback using Twitter and Telegram's pool feature. Feedback increases audience growth and trust between the audience. 

#15 Using beautiful titles

Titles play a big role in SEO. Always use in conjunction with beautiful and focus keywords. 

Always use short and elegant titles. Use a maximum of 70 characters for the title. Also use a close in the title. For example, "Google News Approval Tutorial (100% Working)" .

SEO friendly titles are essential for SEO friendly articles. So take care of the title while writing the article. 

#16 Guest Posting

Backlinks increase domain authority and referral traffic for free. And the best way to get free backlinks is guest posting. Guest posting also helps to increase brand identity. 

High quality backlinks increase the ranking of the website. So do guest posting sometimes. You can be successful in this very easily. 

#17 Review 

After writing the article, always review it before publishing it. If you review, you can easily catch your mistakes. 

Also read the post thinking of yourself as audience before posting. Ask yourself after reading, are you satisfied with the post? If you are satisfied yourself then publish it and if you are not satisfied then update it first and then publish it.

#18 Heading, Sub-heading

Headings, sub-headings play many roles to present an article beautifully. Bullet points are easily seen from headings and sub-headings. 

However, you have to be careful when using headings, sub-headings. A serial must be maintained. A sub heading should never be used at the point of a minor heading. But at the point of sub-heading you can use minor-heading if you want. 

Along with beautiful presentation, headings, sub-headings, minor-headings play a special role in on-page SEO. So always use headings in the article. 

Paragraph #19

Instead of using large paragraphs in the article, use small paragraphs. Keep paragraphs of 3 to 4 lines maximum. Short paragraphs increase the length of the article as well as reduce the bounce rate.

Write articles in short sentences as well as paragraphs. Use a maximum of 18 to 20 words in a sentence. This will increase the readability of your article and make the article SEO friendly. 

#20 featured image

Always use copyright free and self-created featured images. Use the title or focus keyword in your article on the featured image. 

According to Google, featured images play a major role in organic traffic. Many times good quality traffic comes from image search. So you must write something related to the title or post in the featured image. 

Also use your focus keywords as alt text on featured images. By doing this, if you search by typing your keyword in Google Image, your featured image will come up. 


Blogging is a long term process. You will never succeed in blogging overnight. You have to work hard for this. Don't get discouraged or discouraged and keep working. Remember, once success occurs you never look back. 

Hope  you liked today's article on top 20 blogging tips for new bloggers . You can join us in the comments to give feedback about the article or to know anything about blogging. If you like it, please share the article. Be well everyone, thank you. 

I am currently studying engineering.And I'm engaged in web development.


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